Urge to Blog !!

October 16, 2009 at 1:31 PM | Posted in introduction | Leave a comment
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Hello and Merci to everyone who views this.. 🙂

Frankly, I have resisted the urge to blog since quite long… initially, I could not understand what is all the hype about blogs ? How could ‘random ramblings’ be enjoyable for a third person ?!

But then, there is a second side towards blogging as well – and that is sharing of good solid information – something that could be useful for others – and this is primarily what I am hoping here to do – using this blog as a means of sharing information and perhaps at times, also posing  a question I may be facing…

Now, my primary interests are motorcycles, photography, guitar and mobiles, so my blogs would probably be inclined towards those (or as I said before, at least that’s what I am hoping for). By profession, I am a software engineer (and an electronics engineer by virtue of my graduation)  working in a  leading semiconductors company, so, I also plan to share tips and tricks on technical things we work upon (without, of course, undermining the confidentiality of my company)…

So, happy blogging to me and happy reading to you.. I shall await my first comments !



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